The Guitarist Book of Guitar Players

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The Guitarist Book of Guitar Players

By Cliff Douse

A who’s who of guitarists!
Chronicling more than 450 of the world’s top guitar and bass players in the most popular styles. Provides discographies and ‘influence trees’ showing the evolution of the guitar in jazz, rock, blues and classical music.
Entries include biographical details and career information on artistes as diverse as:
Chet Atkins, Jeff Beck, Chuck Berry, Julian Bream, George Benson, Eric Clapton, Stanley Clarke, Duane Eddy, The Edge, Tal Farlow, Buddy Guy, Jimi Hendrix, Allan Holdsworth, B.B. King, Mark Knopfler, Yngwie Malmsteen, Hank Marvin, John McLaughlin, Pat Metheny, Wes Montgomery, Steve Morse, Jimmy Page, Joe Pass, Jaco Pastorius, Prince, Django Reinhardt, Carlos Santana, Joe Satriani, John Schofield, Pete Townshend, Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen, Doc Watson, John Williams, Neil Young, Frank Zappa and many, many more! Published in 1994.


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