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By Phil Williams

Welcome to Slap Bass In 6 Weeks. These DVDs are designed to help you achieve the motor skills and technique that are necessary to master this style of bass playing. Unlike written tuition, this style is perfect for DVD as all the examples are visual and broken down into manageable and easy to follow sections. If you have been frustrated or confused by other educational material covering this style, this course is for you. It reveals the hidden concepts behind one of the most exciting styles of bass playing. You will be able to map your progress week by week and focus in on the areas you feel need work, using simple and effective examples and technique builders within the course. Stick with this course and I guarantee you will improve. Week one includes: Slap bass overview, including equipment, basic technique and background. Simple left hand thumb hits, and muting. Technique builders using 8 bar exercises. Hammer ons and left and right hand motor skill building exercises Week two includes: Introduction of pops and pulls, dead note pulls, hammer ons and pulled hammer ons. Introduction of ghost notes. Technique builders using 8 bar exercises. The Machine Gun Triplet explained Week three includes: Use of more ghost note muting and dead note pops and pulls. Technique builders using 8 bar exercises. Fretted and muted popped notes. Fretted and muted popped notes with triplets. Ghost note shuffles in the style of Mark King and Stanley Clarke Week four includes: Building Mark King style rolling open string riffs. Technique builders using 8 bar exercises. Introduction of damped thumb hits and use of left and right hand syncopation to create rhythmic phrases. Exercises working on timing and motor skills Week five includes: More complex bass lines at faster tempos. Technique builders using 8 bar exercises. Introduction of melody style riffs in the style of Marcus Miller and Stanley Clarke. Working up non open string slap style and fretted note fast funky thumb hits Week six includes: Slap bass tips and tricks. Drop D tuning. Solo exercises using technique within the pentatonic scale. Combining and using techniques learned during the series. Increasing the tempos Phil Williams is a highly sought after freelance bass player, writer and teacher. He has played and toured with many well known bands and artists as diverse as Gary Barlow, Roger Daltrey and Keith Emerson to name just a few. His playing can be heard on numerous film and TV soundtracks.

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